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purple SKY

A Japanese Rock Magazine

purple SKY - A Japanese Rock Magazine
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purple SKY - a Japanese rock magazine

Contents: Winter 08

Cover: Versailles
Melt Banana
V Section (featuring SuG, Guy's Family, Oz)
Anti-Feminism x Hagakure
Japan Girl's Nite (Falsies on Heat, GitoGito Hustler, Red Bacteria Vacuum, the noodles, Bleach03)
Special: Which Band is Right for Me? A Choose Your Adventure

Our Penpal: Sugizo
Industry: Kevin Lyman (Taste of Chaos), Jonathan Platt (Jrock Revolution)
Love Buzz: Angelic Pretty, The American Gothic and Lolita Bible
Tied-in: The Wallflower
Part IV of Peelander-Z is Fun
Live Reports: Kiyoharu, Balzac + more
Reviews: Kagrra, Fuji Fabric, Bump of Chicken, Girugamesh, 12012, Alice Nine, B'z + more...

Contents: Fall 2007

Cover: The Captains
Mix Speaker's, Inc.
Plastic Tree
Acid Black Cherry
Anna Tsuchiya
Thee Out Mods

Radar: Featuring Speed Disk Records (LiZ, Wizard, D=OUT, Unsraw, Pure Q&A, more)
Love Buzz: Cosplay Chameleon
Tied-in: Sakuran
Part III of Peelander-Z is Fun
NEW! Billy's Choice: Billy Goss likes lists. His picks for 10 standout album covers.

Live Reports: Plastic Tree 10th Anniversary live ZERO, Fuji Fabric, The Captains, Sadie, Ayabie, The Birthday, 12012

Reviews: GO!GO!7188 (with track-by-track album commentary by the band!), Rentrer en Soi, Tokyo Jihen, The Birthday, The Captains, Buck-Tick, Cocco, Plastic Tree, Kirito, Wrench, Gackt

Contents: Summer 2007

Cover: Miyavi
Jrock Revolution (Alice nine, Kagrra, Mucc, D'espairs Ray, Merry, and Girugamesh)
Girls & Guitars (Maki, Midori, Bleach03)
High & Mighty Color
The Candy Spooky Theater
Ketchup Mania
Swinging Popsicle
Radio Caroline
Industry: Audrey Kimura of Benten Label (feat. Tsushimamire, Lolita no.18, Red Bacteria Vacuum)
Love Buzz: Balzac and the Little Toymaker
Tied-in: Bleach
Part II of Peelander-Z is Fun
Live Reports: Jrock Revolution (Alice nine, Kagrra, Duel Jewel, Miyavi, Girugamesh, Merry, D'epsairs Ray, Mucc, Vidoll), High & Mighty Color at Anime Central, Core Time vol. 3 (High Voltage, Bleach03, Electric Eel Shock, Shukugawa Brothers), The Candy Spooky Theater, Swinging Popsicle, Tokyo Jet Night vol. 4 (Spike, Midori, Guitar Wolf, Sheena & The Rokkets), Balzac
Reviews: 50Kaitenz, Oreskaband, The Gazette, Beat Crusaders, Blood, Fresh cuts 2, Lin Clover, Love Psychedelico, Mucc, Swinging Popsicle, Tama, High Voltage, LUV
New fan art and LM.C contest results

Contents: Spring 2007

Cover: LM.C
Japan Nite in NYC (GO!GO!7188, The Emeralds, Pistol Valve)
Janne Da Arc
New Releases: Undercode Productions, The GazettE, Balzac, 9mm Parabellum Bullet
Our Penpal: Kra
Industry: Franz including Q&A with J
Love Buzz: The Ball Jointed Doll
Tied-in: Death Note
Part I of a Comic Series from Peelander Yellow
Live Reports: Dir en grey, Japan Nite (featuring Asakusa Jinta, 50Kaitenz, Pistol Valve, The Emeralds, HY, GO!GO!7188), independence-D (featuring 12012, Girugamesh, Merry, Plastic Tree, Balzac, Despairs Ray), Trip In Hardcore (featuring Midnight Bankrobbers, Nihon Noen, Genbaku Onanies, Barebones)
Reviews: The Back Horn, The Pillows, D'espairsRay, Angelo, Kishidan, Mr.Children, J, Anna Tsuchiya, Olivia, Last Alliance, Shiina Ringo, Nightmare, Kra, LM.C, Penicillin, Kannivalism, High and Mighty Color, The Birthday, Grapevine, Art School, Kirito, D, L'Arc~en~ciel, Tommy Heavenly6, Dir en grey, Rouage, Judy and Mary.

Contents: Winter 2007

Cover: KISAKI interview
Olivia interview + artwork
The Can't Miss List
Jrock Connection (Artbeat, Karma Shenjing)
Pacific Media Expo (Olivia, Uchuu Sentai Noiz, Dig Jelly)
Novala Takemoto interview
Tofu Records Interview
Zetsubometer III: Kagerou
Live: Phantasmagoria, Alice Nine, Asai Kenichi, Peelander-Z, Guy's Family
Reviews: Kagrra,, Olivia, MUCC, Hyde, Kishidan, B'z, Nana starring Nakashima Mika, Vidoll, An Café, 12012 and more...

Contents: Fall 2006

Iconoclasm: Twenty Years of Buck-Tick
Penpals: Plastic Tree
Chat with BLOOD's KIWAMU
Otakon 2006 Yoshiki Panel
BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
Visual essay: PEELANDER-Z
Live Reports: Mucc, Cocco, Dir en grey at FVT, Indie Spotlight
Disc Reviews: Cocco, Kiyoharu, Creature Creature, Mongol 800, Bleach 03, Plastic Tree, Sparta Locals, Merry, B'z, HYDE, Bonnie Pink, Jude, Psycho le Cemu, Tokyo Jihen, Gazette, Gackt, Luna Sea


Contents: Summer 2006

SXSW COVERAGE: ELLEGARDEN; Dir en grey, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re & more
Otaku Unite!s Eric Bressler
LIVE REVIEWS: Dir en grey, Despairs Ray, Irokui
Lets Speak Jrock! II
REVIEWS: Gazette-nil; 12012-Play Dolls; not obtain +1; Mucc-Houyoku; Sex Machineguns-Made in USA; the pillows-My Foot; Tokyo Jihen-Adult, SeikimaII-WORST!